Top 3 London Attractions

London is a great place to visit, especially if you have some time on your hands. Here are top 3 locations in London that you must visit in 2018.

Warner Bros. Studio

Warner Bros. Studio is a great place for Harry Potter fans. You will get to buy your own wand and drink butterbeer while taking a tour of the magical city. There are plenty of sets, props, accessories, and costumes that you can see and even buy as memorabilia and souvenirs. The name of the studio is Making of Harry Potter. You must also visit the Great Hall, the office of Dumbledore, and Hagrid’s hut out in the forests.

London Eye

One of the main features of the London skyline and featured in numerous TV shows and movies, the Coca-Cola London Eye consists of 32 capsules. Sitting inside one of these capsules will offer you one of the best views of the city of London. It is very photogenic. Each capsule is capable of carrying as many as 25 people and the weight of each one of these is 10 tonnes. You will get the perfect view of as many as 55 popular landmarks in London from a single location cum ride.

Hop on Hop off Bus

Hop on Hop off bus is one of the best bus rides in the city. Make sure to book your tickets in advance otherwise you will have to miss the ride. A 24-hour ticket to any one of these buses will allow you to hop in and hop off anytime and anywhere at your convenience. It will take you to the Tower of London and the Buckingham Palace which are worth a visit for anyone.