The Best Place to Visit in Autumn

Different seasons offer different opportunities to travelers who are looking to explore new and exciting places in the UK. Here are two amazing places that you can visit in the season on Autumn.


Cambridge is first on this list because of many reasons. The city is rich in history and known for the famous and very prestigious Cambridge University. The whole city is scenic and the people are very friendly. It is one of those cities that are best explored on bikes rather than cars. The cobbled streets are a joy to walk on. There are a number of stores where you can shop and the King’s Chapel is worth a visit. The Cambridge is also particularly famous for its hot dark chocolate so don’t forget to get some before you head out to the lake.

The Lake District

Autumn season is the season of red and orange colours where the green covered land turns hue to offer those social media perfect pictures. This is not to say that the Lake District is not particularly amazingly good looking in other months, but Autumn has a way of bringing out the best in her.