Travelling With Osteoarthritis

Everyone likes to go on holiday, but if you suffer from a medical condition such as osteoarthritis, you will need to plan your trip carefully to avoid undue stress. Some holiday destinations may not be suitable for your condition. If you plan to go away for any length of time, you must ensure that you take your osteoarthritis medications with you.

Visiting Great Britain

Travelling in Great Britain can be very rewarding for people with osteoarthritis since there are areas such as York which are mostly flat, and wheelchair-friendly. Visit the cathedral and the various museums, and you are sure to have a great time.


Undoubtedly, this condition can be challenging to manage. Still, with the right treatment using a combination of drugs and exercise, there is no reason why you should not consider a welcome holiday. Also, consider travelling abroad to visit many of the foreign destinations famous with tourists. It is well-known that a warmer climate can benefit all forms of arthritis, and as long as you choose the right place to visit, “the world is your oyster”. Don’t let the condition hold you back from taking a holiday!

Travel Agents

Before booking any holiday, consider if your travel agent is knowledgeable about osteoarthritis and what accommodation and destinations are best suited to you. If you have trouble with stairs or need wheelchair access make sure the travel agent

is aware of your needs before you book your holiday. Some companies may specialise in holidays for less-able people, and, as such, could offer valuable advice about suitable places to visit and stay.

With careful planning and research, there is a place for everyone to experience a great holiday.