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Romantic Places to Visit in UK

Without further ado, here are 3 romantic destinations in the UK for couples:

The first tree tent in the UK, Red Kite Tree Tent is a small 3m sphere shaped ball that also contains a double bed. The double bed can be folded into a sofa. When you visit, you will be greeted with a food hamper. There is a freshwater stream nearby and you will find a campsite, toilet, stove, shower cubicle, and a sink at the location.

The Scarlet Hotel is situated in Cornwall, and it is an amazing hotel to check in which is only open to adults. You cannot make reservations if your kids are with you. The Mawgan Porth Beach will gladly remind you of the glorious days that you might have spent in Australia. It comes with hot-tubs, campsite, swimming pool, ayurvedic spa, and amazing panoramic scenic views of the Atlantic Ocean in the background.

Salcombe Hotel in Devon is another paradise on Earth for couples who are looking for romantic getaways. It comes with a sea view and private balconies where you can spend some quality time. The seafood is amazing and there is also a bar.

Have You Seen the Kew Gardens?

Kew Gardens is world renowned for being the largest botanical garden in the world. It is also a world heritage site. The mycological collection is the most diverse. Kew Garden was first established in the year 1840 which was earlier known as the Kew Park.

It houses more than 30,000 plants from around the world. Do visit the Herbarium which is known to house more than 7 million specimens of rare and exotic plants. There is also a library which is a dream come true for people who have interest in these things. The library has a collection of more than 750,000 volumes that are difficult to be found elsewhere in the world.

The whole place is managed by the Royal Botanic Gardens which is an international research and education institute of noteworthy importance. Needless to say, to manage such a huge place, they would need staff. This is why they have employed more than 750 people who work tirelessly to preserve the site in its natural state.

The whole garden is spread over an area of 300 acres and consists of glasshouses and gardens. You can spend the whole weekend here.

Visiting the Stonehenge in England

If you are visiting England for the first time, you must visit the Stonehenge. It is an archaeological marvel and there are no records whatsoever on what the place was used for or why it was built in the first place. It is one of the biggest mysteries.

The construction of the Stonehenge first began in the year 3100 B.C. which is known as the first stage. Ancient men created a circular ditch which some people believe was used for burial while others believe that it was used for rituals. Inside the ditch were circular Aubrey holes and an earthen bank.

The construction on the site was then abandoned for more than a 1000 thousands after which it began again, known as the second stage. It began around 2150 B.C. where 82 bluestones, weighing as much as 4 tonnes, to the site. These stones were carried for about 300 kms to the site. These stones were used to create the double circle inside the Stonehenge beginning at the centre of the site.

The Stonehenge is open to visitors all year round and is one of the top tourists destinations in England.

A Trip to UK

Greenwich is another place that offers scenic and picturesque views to its visitors. This is even truer when you are visiting the place in the season of Autumn. It is an amazing place for a quiet and warm holiday, away from all the noise and hustle of the city where you work.

Don’t forget to visit the Greenwich Park which has a number of trees, flowers, and herbs for those who love nature and garden. The pathways are usually covered with green and yellow leaves, but in the Autumn season, they are littered with orange and red leaves. It makes for a beautiful walk down the memory lane.

Cheshire is another great place to spend the weekend with your friends and family members. People particularly visit the place to spot deers as the area is filled with them. A great location for deer spotting. Once again, the area is rich in history and there are several historical places and museums that you would want to explore at leisure when you are here.

The Scottish Borders offers breath taking views of the Castle Douglas area where there is nothing but greenery and peaceful and quiet atmosphere. Another weekend destination that is known to be a favourite among the travelers. The countryside beauty is mesmerising, to say the least.

Sussex is the place to be at if you are looking for an adventurous evening with the storms. Yes, the seaside town of Sussex is known for some breathtaking stormy evenings with waves so strong, you will feel your heartbeat increase. The howling winds can be pretty strange and scary to hear but you will be mesmerised at the same time.

Best Places For You to Visit in the UK

If you’re thinking about visiting the UK for a holiday then here are a few of the best places you can visit:

Harrods, Knightsbridge

This is among the largest departmental stores in the world. There is more than a million sq. ft. of retail space for you to cover with more than 330 stores. It can hold as many as 300,000 visitors at a single time. The food hall at Harrods is world famous and offers gourmet food and delicacies from all over the world. One more good reason to visit is the huge discounts they offer twice a year on prestige items.

Hampton Court Palace

Among the former bosses of this palace are names like Henry VIII, Elizabeth I and Cardinal Wolsey. This beautiful palace was developed from humble beginnings during the 11th century to one of the biggest palaces worldwide. Visitors are usually given introductory exhibitions, costume guided tours and even a chance to check out the Queen’s and King’s state apartments. Another majestic sight here is the Great Hall which has some lavish tapestries.

Beatrix Potter Gallery

Some of the most beautiful illustrations by Beatrix Potter came from the market town of Hawkshead. Beatrix also has a house in the area which is now an exhibition hall with all her original water colours and sketches.

The Blue Pool

This is a rare attraction and is located at the Isle of Purbeck. Gorse, heaters, and trees enclose the pool which changes colour regularly from turquoise to green.

Stanley Park

It is quite appealing and also has a 26-acre lake which is semi-enclosed by the woodlands. This is certainly an ideal place for a quiet romantic cruise by rowing, pedal boat, or motor-boat.

At the end of the day, traveling to the UK can be quite an exciting experience but only when you do it right. There is no point in visiting the UK, staying in your hotel room and then going back home. It’s the biggest waste of a holiday imaginable. So, whenever you are planning a trip to the UK, make sure you include the above-mentioned places. They will change the way you think of the country for sure.

Planning is very important and booking tickets are even more when you are traveling.

5 Affordable Places to Visit in the UK

Traveling can be an expensive affair, especially if you are looking for a long summer vacation. This is why we have prepared this list of 5 affordable locations in the UK that you can travel to on a budget.

The English Riviera

The beautiful Bay of South Devon is a great place to create new memories of your vacation. Some of the attractions in the area have also won awards in the past. The beautiful and warm sandy beaches are very inviting. This is a great spot for a romantic getaway. There is a small miniature village in the area where you will find amazing landscapes and gardens. Wait until night for the light show.

West Norfolk

There is a small town called King’s Lynn. It was named so for the kings who lived here in their fortresses. You will find a number of heritage sites with historic buildings in the area that are waiting to be explored by you.

The area is so famous that even the Queen of England has spent her Christmas in the city. There are a number of resorts and hotels to choose from. The beaches are scenic and the food is amazing.


The Pentewan Sands is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It is situated on the south side of Cornwall’s coast. You can live in the clubhouse that is open all year round and comes fully furnished with swimming pools and entertainment zones. There are watersports to take part in, and beach-side restaurants to satisfy your hunger. Overall, it is a great place to spend the weekend with your friends and family members.


This is for those people who like their vacations and holidays to be full of activities. There are many naval ships anchored here, some of them are even warships. The waterfront runs over 24 miles while the beach area is filled with many water sports activities, go-karting, helicopter rides, cycling, walking and jogging trails, and even ice skating.

The Gosports is a heaven for sports lovers. There are a number of specialty restaurants to choose from and the food is simply amazing.

North Tyneside

North Tyneside is situated in Newcastle which was recently awarded for being the number one place to holiday in 2018. After Gosport, this is another place which offers an amazing opportunity to have an action-packed and adventurous holiday.

There are plenty of good spots for surfing, kayaking, fishing, and wind-surfing. The rich marine life means this is also a great place to sample some sea-food. Newcastle is itself a place worth visiting and usually takes an entire day to explore.

In the next post, we will explore some more places to explore during your visit to the UK.

6 Popular Tourist Spots in the UK

The UK is among the most interesting countries to visit in the world. The perfect time to visit is in the summer, especially when it’s just beginning. The temperature is perfect then and you will be able to enjoy a ton of activities, from sightseeing to adventure sports to shopping. There are tons of attractions to keep you busy when you visit the UK. Here are some of the best ones:

Callanish Stones

These are just like other stones. The one thing which sets them apart though is their architecture and design. This is why they are an ideal choice for photographers. They are in a monolith style and were developed towards the end of the Neolithic Era. They were used mainly for ritual activities in the Bronze Age. There are 13 stones in all with one big one in the middle.

Fairy Pools

They are considered a paradise by people who love nature photography. They are located in Scotland and as the name would suggest, have a number of natural waterfalls. The mixtures of green and blue create a mesmerising illusion which no one cannot stop admiring and must take a picture of. It’s not just this. If you think you’re a great swimmer, this is a terrific destination to test your skill. Apart from the pools, you will also be able to capture pictures of red deer, rabbits, sheep and various other birds and animals.

Natural History Museum

If you want to learn about how the human civilisation came into being then this museum should be the first place you must visit. It can answer any questions you may have about the Stone Age right up to the present day. Visiting this museum will give you a chance to witness historical records, ecosystems, animals, plants, fungi, geology, etc.

Dark Hedges

Consisting of trees that are more than 200 years old, this is considered to be one of the best road trips in the world. The fleet of trees was planted back in the 18th century to fascinate people who were visiting the Georgian mansion. It’s also been used to shoot multiple epic scenes in Game of Thrones.

Tower Bridge

This is the best combination of suspension and bascule on a bridge. It was constructed towards the end of the 19th century and is located over the River Thames. The best time for visiting this bridge is during the evening.

Romantic Travel Ideas for the UK

If you’re traveling to the UK and find yourself in London, you may think that there’s nothing romantic you can do to keep your loved one happy. But, actually, there are a few places you can go. They are:

You could consider visiting the London Eye. It sits right next to the River Thames and has a huge Ferris wheel. If you are on it when the sun’s going to set, you will enjoy one of the most romantic moments in your whole life right there. Consider taking some champagne along for the ride.

You can also go spend an afternoon at the Portobello Road market in Notting Hill. This is where the famous Hugh Grant & Julia Roberts movie of the same name was made. It’s a hive of all sorts of activity and the stalls offer almost everything you can imagine from flowers to art.

Lastly, Hyde Park is a must visit place if you’re looking to have a romantic time in London. This huge park has tons of shade trees where you can enjoy a beautiful picnic. Just so you know, it’s another beautiful place for you to ask your girlfriend to marry you.

Taking Care of your Phone While Travelling in the UK

There are many reasons behind why people travel. We could decide to do it for the fun of it, for enjoyment or to get a break from our daily routines. It is nice to feel the sun on our backs and see the wonders that come along with travelling to new places. Travelling in the UK is something that will forever be etched in our memories, and there is absolutely nothing which feels anywhere near as good as capturing splendid moments while on vacation and then sharing them with our family and friends. The world of social media has been designed just for this and it’s a terrible loss if we don’t create enough memories to share with them.

Also, when we travel, since we usually go to new places, we always try to find maps that can help us navigate through the landscape. This and more are all possible in today’s world with a few taps on our smartphones. We can easily find places that are to our liking using navigation, then click photographs or take videos of those places to share with others. This is why it is essential to properly take care of your phone while on vacation. There’s nothing worse than running out of battery or losing your phone while travelling, now is there? Here are some tips to help prevent that from happening:

The first thing you should do is get an app like Kayak, Hopper or NobelApp. They show you all the best deals wherever you go and even include flight and cab fares. You could get some pretty good promotional deals here.

You will have no option but to use your phone while traveling. This could result in your battery draining very fast. It might not be possible to find a charging point where you are and this may result in you missing out on some good opportunities. To deal with this problem, you should always have extra batteries or a power bank so that your phone will stay charged while you’re on the move.

It could end up being very expensive to call home from abroad. This is why it is important to get yourself an international calling card. This will help you stay away from unnecessary high bills while still being able to stay in touch with everyone back home. You should consider getting yourself a local SIM. This will definitely make calling much cheaper.

Always carry additional storage space like memory cards where you can store all the photos and videos you are shooting. No one wants to delete anything from their vacation and as long as you have enough storage space, you will not have to.

One last thing, always get travel insurance for your gadgets so that you will be properly remunerated in case anything happens to them.

The Best Place to Visit in Autumn

Different seasons offer different opportunities to travelers who are looking to explore new and exciting places in the UK. Here are two amazing places that you can visit in the season on Autumn.


Cambridge is first on this list because of many reasons. The city is rich in history and known for the famous and very prestigious Cambridge University. The whole city is scenic and the people are very friendly. It is one of those cities that are best explored on bikes rather than cars. The cobbled streets are a joy to walk on. There are a number of stores where you can shop and the King’s Chapel is worth a visit. The Cambridge is also particularly famous for its hot dark chocolate so don’t forget to get some before you head out to the lake.

The Lake District

Autumn season is the season of red and orange colours where the green covered land turns hue to offer those social media perfect pictures. This is not to say that the Lake District is not particularly amazingly good looking in other months, but Autumn has a way of bringing out the best in her.