Romantic Travel Ideas for the UK

If you’re traveling to the UK and find yourself in London, you may think that there’s nothing romantic you can do to keep your loved one happy. But, actually, there are a few places you can go. They are:

You could consider visiting the London Eye. It sits right next to the River Thames and has a huge Ferris wheel. If you are on it when the sun’s going to set, you will enjoy one of the most romantic moments in your whole life right there. Consider taking some champagne along for the ride.

You can also go spend an afternoon at the¬†Portobello Road¬†market in Notting Hill. This is where the famous Hugh Grant & Julia Roberts movie of the same name was made. It’s a hive of all sorts of activity and the stalls offer almost everything you can imagine from flowers to art.

Lastly, Hyde Park is a must visit place if you’re looking to have a romantic time in London. This huge park has tons of shade trees where you can enjoy a beautiful picnic. Just so you know, it’s another beautiful place for you to ask your girlfriend to marry you.