6 Popular Tourist Spots in the UK

The UK is among the most interesting countries to visit in the world. The perfect time to visit is in the summer, especially when it’s just beginning. The temperature is perfect then and you will be able to enjoy a ton of activities, from sightseeing to adventure sports to shopping. There are tons of attractions to keep you busy when you visit the UK. Here are some of the best ones:

Callanish Stones

These are just like other stones. The one thing which sets them apart though is their architecture and design. This is why they are an ideal choice for photographers. They are in a monolith style and were developed towards the end of the Neolithic Era. They were used mainly for ritual activities in the Bronze Age. There are 13 stones in all with one big one in the middle.

Fairy Pools

They are considered a paradise by people who love nature photography. They are located in Scotland and as the name would suggest, have a number of natural waterfalls. The mixtures of green and blue create a mesmerising illusion which no one cannot stop admiring and must take a picture of. It’s not just this. If you think you’re a great swimmer, this is a terrific destination to test your skill. Apart from the pools, you will also be able to capture pictures of red deer, rabbits, sheep and various other birds and animals.

Natural History Museum

If you want to learn about how the human civilisation came into being then this museum should be the first place you must visit. It can answer any questions you may have about the Stone Age right up to the present day. Visiting this museum will give you a chance to witness historical records, ecosystems, animals, plants, fungi, geology, etc.

Dark Hedges

Consisting of trees that are more than 200 years old, this is considered to be one of the best road trips in the world. The fleet of trees was planted back in the 18th century to fascinate people who were visiting the Georgian mansion. It’s also been used to shoot multiple epic scenes in Game of Thrones.

Tower Bridge

This is the best combination of suspension and bascule on a bridge. It was constructed towards the end of the 19th century and is located over the River Thames. The best time for visiting this bridge is during the evening.