Three Tips to Avoid Catching Diseases when on Vacation

There is nothing worse than falling sick when you are on holiday. Many tourists often find themselves in this situation, and the question is always, where did you contract the sickness? Well, the truth is that in the most popular tourist destinations, there are high chances of contracting diseases because of the population, and many times, poor sanitation.

There are some simple things you may overlook which cause diseases, and once you are ill, that will be the end of your vacation. In this article, we are looking at three do’s and don’ts when on vacation. Make sure to read them carefully lest you end up booking a Kry online doctor consultation for immediate advice.

Dirty water is one of the leading causes of the ailments most tourists catch. Remember, it only needs a drop of infected water to put you down, so always ensure that what you drink is clean. You should carry your own water, preferably from your hotel.

This is the same case for food. Eat out in hygienic food outlets. Avoid the open air food stalls as much as possible, because they can be a hub for cholera and other communicable diseases. Be careful of new cuisines that you haven’t tried before. Go slow on yourself, or you might end up stuck in the hotel room the next day because of an upset stomach.

There is always some excitement when you are visiting a country with animals you haven’t seen before. Avoid interacting closely with any animal, especially without the supervision of a guide. Some wild animals may give you a forced bed rest by just touching them, or even coming close to them.

In the same token, avoid any pets you might meet. You may be missing your dog back home and might find yourself showing unfamiliar pets some affection. Regardless of whether they are treated for diseases or not, avoid contact with pets in your holiday destination, unless you can be guaranteed that they are clean.

There are many times you will come into contact with germs, so you should make sure to wash your hands often, with running water. This is especially true after visiting the toilet, as it is a hotspot for germs. After your day out, make sure to take a shower immediately when you return, and if possible, wash the clothes you were in, or quarantine them away for a thorough cleaning later.

These are simple things that you need to be aware of when vacationing. Above all, prevention is better than cure. That said, you may want to visit your doctor before your departure, in case some vaccines are available to shield you from these diseases. A doctor will also advise you accordingly on how to enjoy your vacation without risking your health.