Visiting the Stonehenge in England

If you are visiting England for the first time, you must visit the Stonehenge. It is an archaeological marvel and there are no records whatsoever on what the place was used for or why it was built in the first place. It is one of the biggest mysteries.

The construction of the Stonehenge first began in the year 3100 B.C. which is known as the first stage. Ancient men created a circular ditch which some people believe was used for burial while others believe that it was used for rituals. Inside the ditch were circular Aubrey holes and an earthen bank.

The construction on the site was then abandoned for more than a 1000 thousands after which it began again, known as the second stage. It began around 2150 B.C. where 82 bluestones, weighing as much as 4 tonnes, to the site. These stones were carried for about 300 kms to the site. These stones were used to create the double circle inside the Stonehenge beginning at the centre of the site.

The Stonehenge is open to visitors all year round and is one of the top tourists destinations in England.