Have You Seen the Kew Gardens?

Kew Gardens is world renowned for being the largest botanical garden in the world. It is also a world heritage site. The mycological collection is the most diverse. Kew Garden was first established in the year 1840 which was earlier known as the Kew Park.

It houses more than 30,000 plants from around the world. Do visit the Herbarium which is known to house more than 7 million specimens of rare and exotic plants. There is also a library which is a dream come true for people who have interest in these things. The library has a collection of more than 750,000 volumes that are difficult to be found elsewhere in the world.

The whole place is managed by the Royal Botanic Gardens which is an international research and education institute of noteworthy importance. Needless to say, to manage such a huge place, they would need staff. This is why they have employed more than 750 people who work tirelessly to preserve the site in its natural state.

The whole garden is spread over an area of 300 acres and consists of glasshouses and gardens. You can spend the whole weekend here.