Romantic Places to Visit in UK

Without further ado, here are 3 romantic destinations in the UK for couples:

The first tree tent in the UK, Red Kite Tree Tent is a small 3m sphere shaped ball that also contains a double bed. The double bed can be folded into a sofa. When you visit, you will be greeted with a food hamper. There is a freshwater stream nearby and you will find a campsite, toilet, stove, shower cubicle, and a sink at the location.

The Scarlet Hotel is situated in Cornwall, and it is an amazing hotel to check in which is only open to adults. You cannot make reservations if your kids are with you. The Mawgan Porth Beach will gladly remind you of the glorious days that you might have spent in Australia. It comes with hot-tubs, campsite, swimming pool, ayurvedic spa, and amazing panoramic scenic views of the Atlantic Ocean in the background.

Salcombe Hotel in Devon is another paradise on Earth for couples who are looking for romantic getaways. It comes with a sea view and private balconies where you can spend some quality time. The seafood is amazing and there is also a bar.