The Best Theme Parks in the UK

Here are some of the best theme parks in the UK:

The Thorpe Park in Surrey is where you will find the dinosaurs. But, that is not the main attraction as you would think. No, the main attraction is the amazing and breath-taking Ghost Train which is a 15-20 minute ride. It includes illusions of dinosaurs running along, 4D special effects to make you feel you are being attacked and a couple of realistic live action figures.

If you didn’t go on a wild on the Giant Condor, you have missed an experience in your life. The theme park, M&D, is situated in Lanarkshire and has a number of amazing rides like the inverted roller coaster, Tsunami, Big Apple, Tornado, and another roller coaster ride known as the runaway mine. If you have kids at your home then this is one of the most amazing theme park you will ever visit.

Alton Towers is comfortably situated at the Staffordshire and here are some of the most famous rides from the theme park. Rita, Nemesis, and Oblivion. Their specialty is a roller coaster ride with virtual reality that will take your ride experience to a whole new level.